Help by translating

Jul 12, 2022  •  Share: Facebook  •  Twitter

If the translation of Greenfish Icon Editor Pro to your language is missing, incomplete or has errors, you may send us a new or improved translation using the form below.

Technical information: Starting from version 4.0, translations are stored in the data/language/ folder under the Greenfish Icon Editor Pro installation directory. E.g. the Japanese language pack for GFIE v4.0 is normally at C:\Program Files\Greenfish Icon Editor Pro 4.0\data\language\ You can edit these .properties files with a plain text editor such as Notepad++. Strings that need translation start with TODO and are followed by the English version. After translating these, the "TODO " prefix has to be removed.

Your updates will be published in the next version of Greenfish Icon Editor Pro. Thank you for your contribution!