Select, transform, copy and paste

Selecting parts of the image

Use the Select rectangle (S), Select ellipse (A), Lasso (O), Wand (W) and Select with pencil (I) tools to select a region of the image.

Transforming the selection

After you are done with selecting a region of the image, switch to the Transform (F) tool to move, resize or rotate it. The outline of the selection will change from black-and-white (editable selection) to blue-and-white (floating selection), and only the bounding box will be shown.

Selected ellipse with handles After switching to the Transform tool

If the Transform tool is already active and the selection is still editable (i.e. its outline is black-and-white), switch to any other tool and back.

After activating the Transform (F) tool, you can:

In short, you can do perspective transformation by pressing Shift.

You can fine-tune the position and aspect of the floating selection with Edit | Transform | Transform selection. Here you can enter exact numeric values.

You can merge the floating selection with the layer below by pressing Esc or Ctrl+D, or by choosing Edit | Deselect All.

Note that the floating selection acts like a layer meaning that it shows up in the layer list as a separate entity. Here you can drag this "pseudo-layer" around to position the floating selection over a different layer.

Floating selection in layer list

Copy and paste

You can delete, cut, copy and paste the selection as you normally would, with the Del, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V keys.

Edit | Paste as New Page (Ctrl+Shift+V) and Edit | Paste as New Document (Ctrl+Shift+D) are also useful.

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