As discussed in Basic concepts, Greenfish Icon Editor Pro documents consist of pages, which consist of frames, which in turn can have zero or more layers. The number of layers can vary from frame to frame.

Layers are displayed in the Layer list on the right side of the editor.

Layer list containing several layers

Warning: Layers can only be preserved if you save your work in the .GFIE format. In other formats, such as PNG, only the flattened image can be stored. Reopening those files will only show a single Background layer, although the image itself will look the same.

Selecting layers

Painting tools will only draw on the selected layers.


You can hide or show a layer with the eye icon.

Invisible layers can also be drawn to, provided that they are selected in the list.


You can edit a layer's properties by double-clicking an item in the layer list, or by choosing Layers | Layer properties.

Layer properties dialog

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