Animated GIFs


Setting the duration of a frame

Use the menu item Frames | Frame properties or double-click the frame thumbnail in the frame list below the editor.

The duration should be a multiple of 10 milliseconds.

Setting GIF frame duration

Disposal method

In an animated GIF we can specify a disposal method for each frame, which determines what will happen when the frame's time slice is over. The available disposal methods are:

You can set the disposal method in the Frames | Frame properties dialog.

Setting GIF frame disposal method

With Frames | Convert GIF frames to keyframes you can convert a GIF to an equivalent animation where each frame has the Restore background disposal method. This is useful if you want to extract the "effective" frames from a GIF.

Playing the animation

Use the test window: choose Icon | Test (Ctrl+Shift+T) or press on the toolbar above the image editor panel, just like when testing an icon.

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